Royal and elegant means of staying in camping tents


When you are not at home and go for some outing, you definitely need a place to take shelter even in a temporary manner. People when going on the beach side or for any camping they prefer to use the canvas tents. They are easy to install and easily movable.

They fulfill all your needs and requirements in such a fabulous way that you find it more suitable and convenient option to stay within. Here the eminent name of Jungle safari tent manufactures provide you the supreme quality tents, which are also reasonably priced and best quality product. The designs and unique canvas are used to design such beautiful camping tents. They are quite spacious and provide an elite experience of camping. Secondly, the luxurious cottages are used to reside lavishly even in tenting area. They provide foldable furniture are an easy to move tent to provide you an opulent stay.

Here you can go through the ample variety of camping tents canopies and cottages to provide you and your group an amazing stay while being away at home.


The prestigious brand name is one which creates tents by selective fine quality canvas to give you the best range of tents, be it the movable or the fixed ones. There are readily available all the traditional tents, Umbrellas and Canopies and much more to provide you the perfectly comfy and opulent place to take shelter while you are staying in it.

Sai tents also exports the tents around the globe, a signature of excellent tent creations is found uniquely here only with sai tents and exporters. These tents are easy to carry and you can travel along these tents in a convenient manner. They are not bulky hence they are light to carry. They take very less storage space and having plentiful advantageous features in these tents, there is a unique range of tents to serve you in the perfect manner. All the camping accessories are readily available at sai tent exporters.             



Experience the nature at its best with comfortable and spacious camping Tents


Make your trip more enjoyable while discarding constant worries of hotel bookings . Relish your vacation to the fullest by choosing tents as your companion. Nowadays, the rooms in resorts and hotels are getting very costly and complex. Hence, when you plan a trip it may prove to be very tiresome for you due to booking related activities. So, leave these hassles aside and focus on savoring your stay with your loved ones.

Sai tents and exports is one of the most renowned jungle safari tent manufacturers in the industry. They have shown magnificent growth in this line of trade from a very long time. They provide an array of options to their clients in the form of luxurious wooden cottage, tents for resort or camping, traditionally designed tent, marquee tent, conference and exhibition tents, tents for relief purpose and  army tents etc. Their tents are known to provide maximum level of comfort and luxury.When you commence your journey, you are uncertain about numerous things like train booking, room booking, and places to explore etc. Now, you have an opportunity to relieve some of the tensions by choosing easy and simple tents. They are an excellent companion in your travel.


The material they use to make camping Tents is very strong, sturdy and all weather resistant .Their tents are shrinkage proof, water proof and resistant to strong wind flow . They cater to both national and international clients with diligence. These tents are specially manufactured to provide easy movement for clients from one place to another. They are easy to build, attach and erect even in multiple places on any kind of surface.You can get your tents designed according to your specifications. They can easily manufacture a tent with custom made specification catering to your needs properly. In this fast paced and hectic life everybody needs to refresh their senses . Hence, just recline your chair ,sit back and relax.

Camping Tents in camouflage colors and shades


While going to outdoor location, especially in isolated ones, it is very necessary to carry foldable shelter arrangements along with you. This may include a canopy, a caravan or cheapest of all – Tents.

Market is flooded with widest variety of quality and spacious Camping tents to suit your needs and requirements. These can also be hired on rents or can be bought if you are a frequent traveler. Most of the time, these are accompanied by sleeping bags as well. As far as the colors are concerned, the military color is ideal and can be used in any kind of landscape. This color gets mixed and matched with the surrounding and makes it difficult for the enemies to spot it if it’s for army use. And for casual use also, this shade is ideal as it is maintains the balance of radiating and absorbing heat according to the weather.

If you are a luxury lover, than for sure wooden cottages manufactured by Sai Resort Tent Manufacturer have no match. They are exclusively built with finest quality of wood and filled with all facilities. Sai Tents and Manufacturer are supposedly the most qualified as well as the known brand in this industry. Not just the resort camps and tents, they are distinguished supplier of traditional and exhibition tents which have great demand in marketing as well.

Not just the domestic requirements, but they also provide a full fledged attention to international standards and parameters. The finest quality as well as the grade of the raw material being used is the biggest supporter of their perfection in the field. Weather resistant and water proof tents have the greatest demand amongst the customer base of Sai Tents. Exporting the best of the manufactured tents to all the leading countries of the world, here you get ideal units at the best prices.

Luxury Tent Manufacturers to explore more designer options for the elite look


For luxury outdoor adventure, a luxury tent is a must need. A featured door, a window, a mosquito net, hanging pantry space and many more facilities make any place look classy and good. In short luxury camping is attracting more and more people to enjoy the starry charm at night. For those who are looking for the best of the pleasures of all kinds of conveniences even at far off locations, they need to get a good tent and accommodation service for themselves providing a great sleep for your entire trip.

To cater the demand of the interested buyers, many jungle safari tent manufacturers are evaluating foreign market for newer designs and patterns. Moreover they are collaborating with International suppliers to fetch you the freshest pieces and the most lavish tent design at most effective prices.  New features are being added on regular basis and traditional designs are being updated to provide spacious options to buyers. Sai Tents, a leading service provider in the industry is trying up hard to fetch you the most lavish yet affordable camping tent. Tents available with them are waterproof and are made up of very high quality. Treated with paraffin, the fabric usually used for making different kinds of tents are water resistant and in fact inert from weather conditions. Most of the International luxury tent manufacturers follow the same suite and supply their products to the richest markets of the world. For those who are seriously interested in buying these tents, these imported tents are best merchandize for them.

Better than any other tents manufacturer India, Sai Tents have strongest presence online and amongst the niche audience. Not just the Camp and army tents, but even the resort tent, Army tent, Traditional Tent, Display Canopy, Marquee Tent, Umbrella, Garden Canopy, Luxury Wooden Cottage, Conference Tent, Relief Tent and various other products at favorable prices.

Tent supplier to go Traditional in designs and patterns

sai-tent-logoIndian Traditional events and ceremonies are known for their charm and decoration. And this decoration is not complete without beautiful tents and canopies. Our country is usually famous for these traditions and ethnic types of tents which are exported every day to various countries worldwide. These types of tents are not just catering to the needs of NRIs in a foreign land but also to those who find the Indian culture fascinating.

The designs and patterns of these traditional tents are derived from Indian history which is inspired from Roman, Mughal architecture. And there is no doubt in the fact that people are still crazy about the designs and impressions created by the skill person during that period of time. These tents are exactly drawn in the same ways and give you the realistic ambience. The quality of these tents usually depends on the prices they are available in which are quite less as compared to their currency.

In current market scenario, these days luxury tent manufacturers are in great demand. In fact not just the traditional tents but even luxury tents made in India are very preferred units these days. In abroad, the quality of Indian Tents is usually commended a lot because they are better resistive to weather than any other country’s manufactured tents. Moreover, these units are usually very cheap and easily available in foreign markets due to high export rate. The Luxury tents made here usually have all kinds of features including Windows with net covers, separate area for washrooms and toilets, Framed with easy installation and dismantle procedure.

Not just abroad, but even in the country, people who love adventure vacations usually hire or buy these luxury tents to get a comfortable place to sleep wherever they stop. They are available in very compact sizes which are easy to carry and can be taken anywhere and everywhere without much hassles. Sai tent exporter are one of the leading supplier of India offering its services to all the major countries of the world. For those who are looking for the cheapest but the best quality can contact here or can get in touch with them online. They have listed all the available product range and category with various designs available with them on their online portal. They have gained great reputation in the market as the best tent supplier of India. Know more about the best tent available only at