Tent Manufacturer in Delhi India to go global with their products


Seeing the world wide demand of Made in India Tents and Canopies, Sai Tents and Manufacturers have open its wide doors for various International firms for product acquisition. With the most elaborated collection of tents, umbrellas and canopies, this tents manufacturer have gone long way in reaching out to target audience.

The trend of going on adventure trip and Jungle safari had gone viral from western countries to Asian ones. This has made the demands of camping tents, Frame tent stronger and increasing day by day. Especially the water proof ones and the one which is weather resistant, surplus requirements are pouring in from all countries Pan Asian and African countries. Several Travel agencies and tour operators acquire these resting and temporary settlements in bulk to get discounts. Even resort operators at tourist destination orders luxury cottages and tents for their elite guest to make them feel comfortable.


 Tent Manufacturer in Delhi India has this advantage of reaching out to other countries as well due to its cosmopolitan behavior. Majority of tent exports are from companies having headquarters in Delhi as they are more knowledgeable about foreign trends and needs. Sai tents and supplier is one of the recognized brands for providing great tent and canopies at great prices. Not just business to business dealing, they have great reputation in the market amidst retail buyers as well. All kinds of tents including for event and party purpose are available here at smart prices. For those ordering in volume get an upfront discount. Marquee, Traditional, Army, Luxury Cottage, Umbrellas and Canopies for exhibition purposes are available here at interesting prices. Visit now saitents.com for more detailed information and rate list. Browse the categories and explore world class qualities at favorite prices.


Luxury Tent Manufacturers to explore more designer options for the elite look


For luxury outdoor adventure, a luxury tent is a must need. A featured door, a window, a mosquito net, hanging pantry space and many more facilities make any place look classy and good. In short luxury camping is attracting more and more people to enjoy the starry charm at night. For those who are looking for the best of the pleasures of all kinds of conveniences even at far off locations, they need to get a good tent and accommodation service for themselves providing a great sleep for your entire trip.

To cater the demand of the interested buyers, many jungle safari tent manufacturers are evaluating foreign market for newer designs and patterns. Moreover they are collaborating with International suppliers to fetch you the freshest pieces and the most lavish tent design at most effective prices.  New features are being added on regular basis and traditional designs are being updated to provide spacious options to buyers. Sai Tents, a leading service provider in the industry is trying up hard to fetch you the most lavish yet affordable camping tent. Tents available with them are waterproof and are made up of very high quality. Treated with paraffin, the fabric usually used for making different kinds of tents are water resistant and in fact inert from weather conditions. Most of the International luxury tent manufacturers follow the same suite and supply their products to the richest markets of the world. For those who are seriously interested in buying these tents, these imported tents are best merchandize for them.

Better than any other tents manufacturer India, Sai Tents have strongest presence online and amongst the niche audience. Not just the Camp and army tents, but even the resort tent, Army tent, Traditional Tent, Display Canopy, Marquee Tent, Umbrella, Garden Canopy, Luxury Wooden Cottage, Conference Tent, Relief Tent and various other products at favorable prices.

Jungle Safari Tent Manufacturers to focus on weather resistant tents

sai-tent-logoThese days more and more youngsters are striving for adventurous rides rather than to sit at home and get digital fun. This is the reason the demand for Jungle and camping tents have marginally gone up from past quarters. Seeing this hype in the market, now manufacturers are striving to provide the best weather proof tents and camps at low prices. This will suit the budget of all kinds of travelers and those who used to hire these tents will be able to get to buy the same without shelling out anything extra from the pocket.

Best quality camping tents and in fact army tents are made up of cotton, followed by treatment with Paraffin. Wax makes the material more resistant to water and other liquid material. This water proofing is important when you are going to rain forest for camping and rains are expected any time. This is the reason the quality is overly maintained by Jungle Safari Tent Manufacturers to lure the buyers and provide a great deal for buying tents and even for hiring them.

Basically tent manufacturer in Delhi India receives maximum queries from foreign travelers who are here to explore the fantastic dense green cores of the country. They usually desire for greater quality of tents which can provide them a good shelter for night, protection from chilled winds as well as from sharper Sun rays. Tents are available in the market of various qualities. Cotton, polyester, filler are some of them fabric used for making tents at the best prices.

Sai Tent Supplier is one of the renowned name holders in this field providing amazing yet superb options to shop for cottages, tents, umbrellas at reasonable prices. Each tent available with them is made up of high and effective quality serving all the purposes and fulfilling all kinds of materials at the best prices. For those who are looking for traditional tents or framed tents for event purposes or venue decoration can also contact here. Designer, spacious and reasonably priced tents are abundantly available but at cheaper prices. They have the largest array of the tents available here including the promotional canopies, umbrellas, pergolas and gazebos, luxury cottage and resort tents are also available at very superb prices. You can acquire more information about the available tents and other promotional products and articles at very attractive prices, visit online or call now for more information.

Best Tents Manufacturer in Delhi for Cheap Tents

sai-tent-logoAre you looking for cheap and best options for buying or renting tents? Don’t go with the bill, go with the quality. If you are thinking to own a camping or army tent, then do prefer better grade of fabric than to go with the prices. Since you are going to use it on continue basis, it becomes obvious to go with the excellence than expenses.

When it comes to renting, these are usually those tents which are used while during occasions, events or other ceremonies. These are usually called traditional tents and are available on rent very easily. These are usually the one which you can consider for cheaper prices. Sai Tents is the best tent manufacturer which have been known for delivering best quality tents at the best prices. All types of fabric and quality are available to them making it easy for you to select according to the needs, requirements and budget of the buyer.

Wide range of Tents –

Resort Tent

Camping Tent

Traditional Tent

Relief Tent

Frame Tent/Army Tent

Luxury Wooden Cottage

Display Canopy

Marquee Tent

Exhibition & Conference Tent


Garden Canopy

Sai Tents are the best tent manufacturer in Delhi India offering tent in customize sizes and color scheme and various qualities of fabrics which give a luxury look.

Here are also offered Swiss Cottage is designed in the way to which bring you closer to the Nature and rest under canvas so that you can find the absolute relax under the nature’s shade. Sai Tents also offers and exports Resort, Farm House or Base Camps in the entire world.  Our all the tents are of multiple sizes which can be used according to your requirements.

People who are regularly going on camping and adventure trips can buy tents from here and can make their investment more healthy in future terms. For donation also, relief tents can be brought which can bring the shelter to those who are homeless. Various recognized agencies, Non Governmental organizations also prefer buying tents from these tent exporters.

Those who are looking forward to request a better tent manufacturer can find the ultimate option with Sai tents as they have a strong name hold in this field and are known for fulfilling all types of requirements and are determining the best ways through which they can cater your needs of getting a good quality tent and other accessories like canopies, cottages, pergolas and gazebos.


Tent manufacturer focusing more on Camping tents

sai-tent-logoAs the incomes scale of the earners has gone high, quick disposal has also become a very natural effect. Holidaying, shopping, travelling are some of the featured ways where people use to like spending their money. Young earners like to spend their money on vacations and adventure camping. This is the reason why the sale of camping tents went up in last two three years. There are many suppliers supplying best quality range of camping tents at the best prices making it simple for you to choose the best option out of the rest.

Camping tents are usually available in very custom sizes, designs and floor plans. The market is flooded with different kind of tents which you can choose for fulfilling your requirements. Water proof, Weather resistant, tents are bit pricey but are of great use when you are going trekking. If you are a tour organizer you can order them online and get all the pieces at wholesale prices. Although the quality is required to be checked before placing volume order but if its Sai Tents, then you can trust them because of their brand name.

Not just the camping tents but even the traditional tent is abundantly available in the market for rent. Especially for traditional events and ceremonies where lots of lighting and colors are required to be used, these tents play a very important role in giving a brighter look to your place. Although they are available on rent, but if you are a wedding planner, get them online, choose the designs and select the one out of thousand marquee tents catalogued at Sai Tents. Not just for family events, even corporate events are very well organized in these rather than in a Banquet hall. These have their charm which makes the function more enticing and appealing in appearance than what it seems. This is the reason why these days tent manufacturer are kept busy, because of rising business and the popularity of ethnic charm of these tents.

Relief Tent, Army tents, Canopies is also being used very frequently these days. After Uttrakhand tragedy, many people donated these relief tents to the needy people which can help them to provide shelter for some days. Canopies are used for exhibition purpose, for marketing and as a retail point of sale or purchase. These can be designed accordingly to your needs and brands you are endorsing. For those who want to explore more options from the best tent supplier can reach out to Sai tents for more news.